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Having been public employees ourselves for many years and having conducted numerous national studies, we have deep insight into the complexities and challenges of governmental sectors. We know what it takes to adapt to decreasing budgets, how to redesign services and reengineer workflows and develop strategic plans to optimize organizations. We specialize in facilitating collaborations within and among public and private sectors with a particular emphasis on administrative effectiveness that is responsive to change and organizational efficiency that is sustainable and cost effective. High performance organizations recognize leadership occurs at every level and that successful organizations must strike the right balance between remaining entrepreneurial and having a powerful and lasting core identity that transforms value proposition into real results.

Our consultants have worked with both elected and appointed officials, executives, and staff to conduct goal setting, strategic planning and prioritizing service delivery. Effective work management in the 21st century places the focus on effective and efficient use of resources which encompasses money, materials, information, capabilities and people. Through our 23 years of experience, Strategic Innovation Partners LLC understands the critical connection between the aspirations, capabilities and relationships of people and creating work environments equipped to innovate boldly and intelligently using a strategy-to-execution framework. By harnessing the changing nature of organizational cultures and putting people at the forefront, Strategic Innovation Partners LLC empowers the capability of teams to accelerate production, lower costs and deliver new value that may otherwise be unattainable.

Strategic Innovation Partners LLC is ideally suited for the changing landscape of the business environment. Through research and analysis, we have uniquely synthesized project and program management techniques, organizational development and technology coupled with best practice planning and execution methodologies to create a comprehensive approach that has consistently delivered outstanding results for its partners. We have established ourselves as thought leaders in smart governance and administration and we have what it takes to be your partner of choice.

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