Smart Governance

What is “smart governance”? Smart governance is about the future of public services and building organizations that are safe, healthy and resilient for staff. It’s about supporting innovation and the use of intelligence and communications technology to drive and support major organizational changes in public services. This includes major initiatives like e-government, the efficiency agenda, mobile working, business transformation, community leadership, improved service delivery and workplace investigations through technology to facilitate and support better planning and decision making. It is about improving democratic processes and transforming how services are delivered.

The equation for creating a smart organization is simple:

Governance + Technology = Smarter Workplaces

As the trend towards urbanization increases, the need for smarter workplaces and communities becomes more imperative. Citizens are insistent governments be more transparent, efficient, collaborative, responsive and productive. Advanced technology enables departments to increase communication, effectiveness and openness. Technology gives governments and their citizens access to powerful information they can leverage to make more informed decisions. One essential approach to smart management is through employee engagement. Doing so increases transparency, which reduces distrust. By making data available, public officials have a tremendous opportunity to use the expertise and creativity of employees to better understand the problem and work together to create solutions.

Local governments also routinely use technology to collect mountains of service-delivery data. To put that data to work requires adequate management structures that turn technology outputs and other data into actionable, measurable outcomes for the community’s residents, businesses and other stakeholders. Many organizations have a centralized bureaucracy that is outdated. Today’s problems are more complex and require a combination of different approaches, new tools and technologies to make it easier for the governments and employees to take place and for decisionmakers to hear and react to the needs of their workers. You can count on Strategic Innovation Partners LLC to help you connect all the dots for a more complete perspective and step ahead with confidence.