Organizational Development

At Strategic Innovation Partners LLC, we approach every venture by creating an atmosphere of civility, collegiality, mutual respect, and inclusion that values diversity and supports employees in their work.  We empower the people who actually know the work best, you and your staff, to think creatively about new ways of working toward results.

Strategic Innovation Partners LLC identifies the business problem by analyzing the systems within each process and procedure, benchmarks other organizations for best practices and new developments, identifies creative ways of doing things better, and makes recommendations to help achieve its goals. We not only frame up and propose solutions for how to assemble a diverse team that works synergistically to surpass its goals, but we also provide a toolkit of strategies and resources for optimum group and individual performance, design and facilitate meetings and events as needed, coach executives on leadership, and keep the group’s work focused, on task, on time and within budget.  Strategic Innovation Partners LLC is committed to improving the operations of your organization and simultaneously empowering your staff to thrive at doing their best work by solving problems on their own and making decisions that sustain cost-effective operations.

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